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When you have to litigate in Texas, you need local counsel. Former Judge Kendall makes life easier when you're down there.
Bob Magnanini, Stone & Magnanini, New Jersey/New York
When you have to litigate in Texas, you need local counsel. Former Judge Kendall makes life easier when you're down there.
Bob Magnanini, Stone & Magnanini, New Jersey/New York
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Texas Local / Liaison Counsel

Former Federal Judge Joe Kendall is the go to lawyer for dozens of out-of-state law firms needing Texas local, or liaison counsel in all types of litigation, including patent infringement, securities fraud, torts, class actions, whistleblower cases and complex commercial litigation. Based in Dallas, our firm provides exceptional service advising non-Texas lawyers and law firms on local rules, local legal customs, and the specific practices of local judges, with a particularly invaluable and extensive familiarity with the federal District Courts of Texas. We bring value in all federal and state courts throughout Texas, and not just to plaintiffs, but to defendants as well. We go to court with you and participate in the litigation to the degree you desire.

As local counsel, we are a vital part of the trial team. With the experience of a former United States and Texas State district court judge, and former judicial law clerks, we are more than qualified to assist out-of-state or out of district counsel inside and outside the courtroom.

Some courts in Texas require by local rule that an out-of-state or out-of-District lawyer appearing pro hac vice must have local counsel. Whether required or not, having “the local knowledge” is always wise. With decades of courtroom experience, as a practicing trial lawyer as well as being a former state and federal judge, Joe Kendall adds value in the role of local counsel.

When you have a case in an out-of-state or unfamiliar jurisdiction, be it in federal or state court, one of the most important and often underrated litigation decisions is who you select as your local/liaison counsel. Experienced trial lawyers know this.

A good local counsel who knows the rules, customs, local legal culture, as well as the practices and preferences of the judges in a given jurisdiction is invaluable. Like hiring the right expert, the importance of engaging the right local counsel that actually tries cases and has relevant experience and “the local knowledge” can’t be overstated. You need more than a mail drop or some random lawyer with a Texas Law license to serve as your local counsel. Former Judge Joe Kendall is not only a good choice, but the clear choice.

  • Commercial & Business Litigation
  • Tort Cases
  • Securities Fraud Cases
  • Class Action Cases
  • Merger & Acquisition Litigation
  • Patent Cases
  • White Collar Cases & Federal Investigations
  • Environmental Cases
  • Oil & Gas Litigation
  • FCA/Whistleblower Cases
  • Antitrust
  • Removal and Remand Matters

If you are from outside Texas and have to go to a Texas Court House, the smartest thing you can do is take Joe Kendall with you.

– Chris Nelson, The Weiser Firm, Philadephia

He knows the law, the local rules and the practices and preferences of Texas judges.

– Brian Robbins, Robbins Arroyo, San Diego

Read his bio. With his experience Joe Kendall is the ‘go-to’ local counsel in Texas.

– Brian Long, Rigrodsky & Long, Willmington, Delaware

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