Shareholder, Investor, and Securities Litigation

The Kendall Law Group is a national leader in protecting the rights of shareholders and investors in litigation against public and private companies.  The Kendall Law Group has earned a national reputation for successful litigation involving securities fraud, unfair merger and acquisition litigation, shareholder derivative suits, and corporate governance and mismanagement litigation.  The Kendall Law Group is routinely appointed as lead or local counsel on investor litigation throughout the country.

With the experience of a former Texas district court judge, United States district court judge, a former Assistant United States Attorney, and former judicial law clerks, the Kendall Law Group is committed to protect PEOPLE against companies and corporations.  We are committed to make the wrongdoers accountable to the real owners of the corporation–the shareholders.

If you have been a victim of corporate misconduct, you are encouraged to contact Joe Kendall or Jamie McKey at 877-744-3728 or via e-mail at

The Kendall Law Group represents shareholders and investors in the following areas: