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Second Opinion Counsel

It’s not uncommon for an individual to seek a second opinion before any serious medical procedure is performed. Why should a lawsuit, and other legal matters be any different? The job of helping form a strategy with counsel is usually the job of the head of litigation in large organizations, and is sometimes non-existent in smaller ones.

A fresh or extra set of eyes by the right lawyer can, like the right local counsel, add significant value. In the overall budget for a major piece of litigation that value can be hard to overstate.

Properly deployed, the right outside second opinion counsel is another tool in the tool box, assisting the team in achieving its goal. It is not and should not be seen as a lawyer second guessing the head of litigation or every decision of outside litigation counsel. The role is to help the team in a constructive way.

This service is provided by Joe Kendall at a negotiated fee which is case and task specific.

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