Federal Criminal Defense & Sentencing


The guidelines for federal sentencing in the United States can be extremely complex. The scenarios and calculations that are taken into account in order to determine a defendant’s sentence length are intricate and well institutionalized. Most judges do not seek significant variance from the suggested guidelines when imposing sentences. This is despite the fact that, through various cases’ impact, the guidelines have evolved from mandatory to simply advisory.

Clients of the Kendall Law Group are fortunate to be able to rely on the expertise of Joe Kendall, a former state and federal judge and trial lawyer. His unique knowledge and insight gained by years on the bench give him a unique perspective when representing defendants facing federal sentencing. He and his team at the Kendall Law Group are experienced at represent clients in these hearings, presenting details on the circumstances and seriousness of the offense, the need for deterrence, the background and character of the defendant and whether he or she is likely to reoffend (collectively known as Section 3553 factors) in order to present the best case and most favorable sentence for their clients.

If you are facing a federal sentencing hearing, contact the federal criminal defense attorneys at the Kendall Law Group. They will work with you to present the best case to the sentencing judge and get your side of the story across to help the court reach a fair and appropriate sentence.

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