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Public Corruption

A public official accused of corruption is often met with scorn and contempt from the public because of the perceived betrayal at hand. As a former judge and public official himself, Joe Kendall is acutely aware of the federal government’s desire to prosecute and “make examples of” public officials. His experience as a federal judge, and as an elected state district court judge, have given him a deep insight into what  is at stake for an office holder’s career, reputation, freedom and family.

Public officials might be accused of any number of wrongdoings. Common charges include the following:

  • Bribery
  • Embezzlement
  • Accepting gifts in violation of relevant laws, both before and after a vote or action either directly or indirectly by lobbying for the votes or actions of public officials.
  • Directing public funds to friends, family members or business associates
  • So-called “pay to play” deals
  • Using government power to extort others in various ways

These accusations can have a severe negative impact on an official’s reputation and employment, and can lead to incarceration. While they are non-violent crimes, prosecutors make them a high priority because of the publicity and public nature. A conviction for these crimes can carry significant prison time.

Don’t let accusations of these kinds lead to these worst-case outcomes. By engaging an experienced attorney as soon as potential problems come to light, you can often get ahead of them and work to develop an effective strategy to fight potential criminal charges. The goal is to “nip them in the bud” before accusations or investigations become public. The team at the Kendall Law Group is ready to leverage the former Judge’s first-hand experience as a public servant to keep your reputation clean and maintain the public’s trust in you.

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