Federal Criminal Defense & Sentencing

Immigration Crimes

Immigrants to the U.S. who have been charged with a crime in this country face many challenges, and the charges could ultimately lead to incarceration and/or deportation. For that reason, any accusation or charges of illegal activity should be taken seriously and addressed immediately.

An immigrant charged with a crime could lose their status, lose their job or be placed into deportation proceedings, which could mean they may never be able to return to this country.

Not only is it important to act fast, it’s just as vital to find an attorney familiar with the constantly changing immigration laws, including the latest court challenges and enforcement policies.

Joe Kendall is a former federal judge who is well-versed in immigration issues as they relate to the U.S. Criminal Justice System.

Former U.S. Judge Kendall understands what’s at stake when these accusations or charges arise for a foreign citizen. He also understands immigration law and is constantly up-to-date on the latest government policies and court rulings. We as a team will work to find the right course of action based on your current immigration status and history. Joe Kendall will work collaboratively with your immigration lawyer.

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