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Healthcare Fraud

Federal Healthcare criminal prosecutions of providers, labs, pharmacies, marketer’s, and those who own healthcare entities are currently the target of a very active and aggressive group of federal agents and federal prosecutors. Joe Kendall actively fights these types of cases in both the investigation stage and, if need be, in court. Billing and coding issues, “Pill Mill” allegations, kickbacks, prescription drug fraud accusations are all claims where the Kendall Law Group has successfully represented health care clients in a variety of health care investigations and fraud cases. The clients have included doctors, marketers, healthcare entrepreneurs, lab owners, DME companies, PBM’s, MSO’s and pharmacies, both retail and compounding.

Healthcare fraud can include medicare fraud, billing and coding issues, prescription drug fraud, but also encompasses kickbacks, bribes and physician self-referrals, as well as pass through billing, billing for medically unnecessary or non-provided services, supplies and procedures, and attacks on MSOs, Series LLCs and other business models. Currently the government is coming up with creative ways to go after the industry even when there are no federal dollars involved. False fraud claims can be devastating to a provider’s reputation and practice, and if believed by a jury, a person’s freedom. That’s why it’s critical to have the most experienced and dedicated legal representation possible, as early in an investigation as possible.

Former federal judge Joe Kendall has gone toe to toe with the federal government on behalf of physicians, lab owners, marketers, providers and healthcare entrepreneurs many times in the past. Joe knows and is known by the local players, including the Healthcare Fraud Task Force and Federal Prosecutors, FBI, HHS, OIG, DOL, DCIS, IRS, Homeland Security, Postal Inspector, Asset Seizure and Forfeiture Prosecutors, DEA and other agents involved in the making of cases by the Federal government through a very active and aggressive Healthcare Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team (H.E.A.T.)

These federal prosecutors and agents are not to be taken lightly. If you have any concern or reason to believe that they may be investigating you or if you’ve been accused of healthcare fraud, don’t hesitate. Call Joe Kendall. He is the right choice for these niche federal criminal defense cases.

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