Federal Criminal Defense & Sentencing

Bank Fraud

Bank fraud accusations can include money laundering, mail and wire fraud, mortgage fraud, embezzlement, or concealing the identity of an account holder who conducted a financial transaction, among other illegal activities. These are serious accusations that can have long-term repercussions for a businessperson’s reputation and employment prospects. When these accusations arise, it’s imperative to act fast and nip them in the bud. That takes an experienced, detail-oriented attorney who has handled bank fraud cases before.

Even the specter of an investigation can be irreversibly detrimental. If you’re found guilty, the result could be jail time, restitution or both. The talented bank fraud attorneys at the Kendall Law Group – led by former federal judge Joe Kendall – have handled these cases before and can walk you through the process to defend yourself against false accusations. Our team will pore over every detail of the case – correspondence, transactions and records – to ensure a thorough defense and comprehensive strategy to clear your name.

If you’ve been accused of bank fraud, time is of the essence. Contact the bank fraud lawyers at the Kendall Law Group today to discuss your best defense against these charges.

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