Federal Criminal Defense & Sentencing

Bail and Detention

The purpose of a court setting bail for a defendant is to reasonably ensure they will appear in court and refrain from committing more crimes before the trial. The amount of bail is affected by factors including the nature and circumstances of the crime, the evidence against the defendant, the past conduct of the defendant and the defendant’s mental and physical condition, among many others.

As soon as the defendant learns that criminal charges are possible – as soon as there’s even an accusation of criminal activity – it’s important to retain an attorney. The more time the attorney has to become knowledgeable about the case and to get to know the defendant, the better they will be able to provide representation, including making convincing bail arguments based on the client’s circumstances and applicable laws.

Once detained, the defendant doesn’t have much time before bail is set. The experienced bail and detention attorneys at the Kendall Law Group are able act fast on their client’s behalf to get the most favorable bail and release possible. If you’re under investigation, or have accusations of criminal activity looming, do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss your options today.

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