Kendall Law Group Obtains Dismissal of Federal Criminal Charges Pending Against Narashima Bhogavalli

DALLAS–Kendall Law Group announced today that Narashima Bhogavalli, a Texas owner of an IT company who was previously indicted in federal court in Dallas, Texas, has had all charges against him dropped by the U.S. Government. He was alleged to have been involved in an international IRS tax scam. He pled “not guilty” to the allegations.

After a presentation by his defense lawyers to the prosecutors and the FBI, United States District Judge Sam Lindsay signed a Court Order dismissing the indictment against Mr. Bhogavalli.

“We are grateful that the U.S. Attorney’s office in Dallas listened to us and upon further investigation by them dropped all charges against Nara Bhogavalli. They were very fair,” said Joe Kendall, Mr. Bhogavalli’s criminal defense lawyer.

The case against Mr. Narashima Bhogavalli was filed in the Northern District of Texas, and both the Motion to Dismiss the Indictment and the federal judge’s Order Dismissing the Indictment are available online through the court records on its PACER system, and on the Kendall Law Group, PLLC’s website at here.

Case Vacation for Narashima