Whistleblower Litigation

Texas Local Counsel: Whistleblower Litigation

At the Kendall Law Group, it has been our personal experience that local judges prefer dealing with someone they can contact locally despite the easy availability of modern communication tools. They often don’t want to “deal” with lawyers in other time zones and prefer to deal directly with a local contact.

Led by a former federal district court judge, The Kendall Law Group serves as an engaged Texas local counsel who can provide advice on local procedure, be available for service of pleadings and appear in court with or without outside counsel. We have earned credibility with judges and courtroom personnel throughout Texas and strive to maintain that credibility in everything we do.

The Kendall Law Group represents clients in a number of qui tam False Claims Act cases in Texas. We also have experience working on behalf of whistleblower litigants who have filed claims under the federal Internal Revenue Service whistleblower program.

In recent years, we have also been involved in litigation involving health care fraud, fraudulent defense industry contracts, and tax fraud.

Contact Joe Kendall at 214-744-3000 at the Kendall Law Group if we can serve as Texas Local Counsel in your important whistleblower litigation.