IP Litigation

The Kendall Law Group knows the lay of the land in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, one of the leading patent and IP litigation venues in the country. Our attorneys have practiced law in all of the divisions making up the Eastern District including Marshall, Tyler, Lufkin, Sherman, Texarkana and Beaumont. In addition, attorney Joe Kendall is a former federal judge in the Northern District of Texas where plaintiffs in the corporation-rich Dallas-area venue are increasingly filing patent-related litigation.

We are among a handful of law firms that consistently works successfully with out-of-state firms to enforce plaintiffs’ intellectual property rights on a contingent fee basis, which enables plaintiffs to enforce their intellectual property rights against major corporations when they otherwise could not afford to and ensures that our compensation is based solely on results achieved. When justice must be done, it’s the results that matter.

While each case is different, representative cases include:

  • z4 Patent Litigation – Joe Kendall participated in a $133 million jury verdict against Microsoft and Autodesk in the Eastern District of Texas. The plaintiff sued the two software companies claiming they infringed two patents relating to z4’s anti-piracy technology. The jury awarded $115 million for Microsoft’s infringement, and $18 million for Autodesk’s infringement. Microsoft was found to be a willful infringer.
  • DataTreasury Patent Litigation – Kendall Law Group, along with Nix, Patterson and Roach, represents DataTreasury Corporation, which owns pioneering patents involving image capture, centralized processing, and the electronic storage of document and check information.
    • The Kendall Law Group successfully represented DataTreasury in a patent infringement lawsuit against banking giant JPMorgan Chase for infringement of two patents, which culminated in a confidential settlement in July 2005. On behalf of DataTreasury, the Firm has also participated in obtaining settlements from NCR, Ingenico, MagTek, ACS, RDM, Net Deposit, and licenses from Merrill Lynch and Diebold, First Data.
    • The Kendall Law Group continues to represent DataTreasury in multiple patent infringement lawsuits in the Eastern District of Texas against dozens of major financial institutions including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Wachovia.