Securities Fraud Litigation

Investors often overpay for stock when a publicly traded company lies about its financial condition. When the truth begins to emerge and the stock price drops, the shareholders lose money. Many investors suspect that a company has made misrepresentations, but do not understand how to make the company pay for its failure to tell the truth.

Kendall Law Group investigates securities fraud. Contact us if the price of a stock you own drops by a large amount. At no cost to you, we will analyze company statements, research insider trading, study financial analyst reports, contact former employees and retain experts to determine if stock fraud may have caused your losses.

The firm has had tremendous success in securities class action cases. For instance, the lawyers at Kendall Law Group have served as lead, co-lead or liaison counsel on the following significant securities class action cases:

  • In re Dynegy, Inc. Sec. Litig., Cause No. H-02-CV-1571 (S.D. Tex.) ($474 million recovery for shareholders)
  • Schwartz v. TXU Corp., et al, Cause No. 3:02-CV-2243-K (N.D. Tex.) ($149.75 million recovery for shareholders)
  • Pirelli Armstrong Tire Corporation retiree Medical Benefits Trust v. Hanover Compressor Company, et al., Cause No. H-02-0410 (S.D. Tex.), ($85 million recovery for shareholders)
  • In re Syncor International Corp. Sec. Litig., Civil Action No. CV-02-8560-ABC (RMCx) (C.D. Cal.) ($15.5 million recovery for shareholders)
  • Blackmoss Investments v. Gravity Corp., et. al., Civil Action No. 1:05-CV-04804-LAP (S.D.N.Y.) ($10 million recovery for shareholders)
  • Rines v. Heelys, Inc., Civil Action No. 3:07-CV-01468-K (N.D. Tex.) ($7 million recovery for shareholders)
  • Wahl v. Daisytek, Cause No. 4:03-CV-00212, (E.D. Tex.) ($6 million recovery for shareholders)

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