Corporate Governance & Mismanagement Litigation

The executives running the companies in which you own stock have an obligation to make decisions that benefit shareholders –not just themselves. The firm has pursued cases brought by shareholders against the corporate governance of companies for breach of fiduciary duty or waste of corporate assets. As a result, the firm has achieved settlements which include financial recovery from the individual officers and directors, which increase shareholder value.

Kendall Law Group holds executives accountable when they have acted improperly during a merger or acquisition, use deceptive accounting practices, commit insider trading, or engage in corporate waste or other illegal conduct.

This firm also has the resources, ability and experience to determine if there has been corporate malfeasance. We investigate inquiries into mismanagement at no cost to you. Investors should trust their instincts and not take the excuses of executives at face value. If you think there may have been something unfair concerning your investments, then we want to speak with you.

The firm has served as lead, co-lead or liaison counsel on the below listed corporate governance litigation cases:

  • In re Affiliated Computer Services Derivative Litigation, Master File No. 3:06-cv-1110-M (N.D. Tex.) ($30 million recovery for company from officers and directors engaged in stock options backdating)
  • In re Cablevision Systems Corp. Shareholder Derivative Litigation, Master File No. CV-06-4130 (E.D.N.Y.) ($34 million recovery for company from officers and directors engaged in stock options backdating)
  •  Alaska Electrical Pension Fund v. Brown, et al., Cause No. 6:04-CV-464 (E.D. Tex.) (Shareholder derivative action on behalf of EDS. Company agreed to limits on the number of EDS employees serving on the board, termination of a rights plan, require board committees be composed of independent directors, change from classified board to annual election of directors).

If you have further questions about corporate governance and mismanagement litigation please click here for our frequently asked questions.