Healthcare Enforcement Litigation

We are… the on call lawyers for busy doctors. From disputes with insurance companies who refuse to pay claims, to prompt pay litigation; from non-competes and business break-ups, to partnerships and peer review; from credentialing, to health care fraud claims and whistleblower cases. Our experienced health care team has seen it all.

Need a health care lawyer who knows ERISA? CPT coding and code modifiers? The ins and outs of the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT? We do.

Need a lawyer who has done battle with the Texas Medical Board on behalf of physicians? Who has assisted doctors in successfully navigating peer review issues? We have.

Need a lawyer who is experienced at counseling physicians through disability claims, employment issues, or working through non-competes after a practice breaks up? We are.

Need a lawyer who understands health care fraud? Government investigations? Pharmaceutical benefits? Medical products liability? That’s us.

We get billing fraud. We understand benefits. We have experience in civil and criminal health care law, and in all manner of business disputes involving physicians, dentists, nurses. And most important to you, we represent only the providers – not the insurance companies or the hospitals.

We are smart enough to know every lawyer needs a good doctor, but also smart enough to know every doctor needs a good lawyer. At Kendall Law Group, we focus on you, and our relationship as your counsel. We’ll help you cure your problems, so you can focus on curing everyone else’s.


Our healthcare lawyers are among the best in Texas at representing physicians and other medical providers, with over 100 years of actual litigation experience as a group. Our team includes a former federal judge, seasoned healthcare practitioners, and a former federal healthcare prosecutor and a published author on ERISA. We have relationships with experts, consultants and investigators, many of whom have relevant government experience in regulation and ancillary activities.


The practice of medicine, and other health related fields, has become more and more complicated. It is the second most regulated industry in the United States. No longer can one ignore the business and regulatory aspects of practicing medicine and other health related fields.

We protect our clients from those who would harm their license, their financial interests, their reputation and good name, and in some cases even their freedom. While we know how to, can and do fight when necessary, like Sun Tzu wrote, we often “win without a fight.”

We have experience in virtually every area and do take cases involving:

Healthcare Litigation, Civil and Criminal

Healthcare Litigation Avoidance

Healthcare Compliance, Audit and Fraud Defense

Texas Medical Board Complaint Defense

Credentialing Representation

Peer Review Representation

Billing and Reimbursement Disputes

Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Advice and Defense

Healthcare Criminal Defense

Whistleblower Cases

CMS Billing and Related Disputes

Contract Disputes with Vendors or Other Medical Groups

Employment Cases of all Types

Non-Compete Disputes

Contracts with HMO’s

Contracts with Third Party Payers

Contracts with Hospitals or other Entities

Formation, Purchase or Sale of Practices

HIPAA Issues

Partnership Disputes in Practices

If we don’t handle a particular matter, we will know competent lawyers in all areas of law who does. Not unlike physicians, we refer to a specialist when a mater is outside our area of practice. Often to someone outside the profession, selecting a lawyer in any area of law can be like throwing darts at a board. We have been around for decades, know many if not most of the good lawyers personally or by reputation, and can assist with a referral for those types of matters we do not take.