Because of our results and reputation, the majority of the cases Kendall Law Group, PLLC takes are referrals from lawyers from across the nation. Kendall Law Group, PLLC is proud of the trust shown by our peers in making such recommendations. As lawyers, we know when a lawyer refers a case, he or she puts a piece of their own reputation on the line. We don’t take this lightly.

These referrals can be described as involving one of three discrete situations:

1. Texas local counsel, primarily to out-of-state firms that do not have a Texas presence and are involved in litigation in Texas. Accordingly, Judge Kendall is often hired to bring additional experience and insight to a trial team, in Texas as well as in any federal court in the country.

2. Complex civil litigation referred by firms where there are multiple parties and the referring firm has a conflict or where ethical and/or malpractice issues are implicated by multiple representation of parties, such that referral of certain clients is indicated.

3. Federal criminal defense appeals, sentencing and sentencing consultation, internal and external investigations and special projects.

As local counsel in a case, the Kendall Law Group serves as not just a mail-drop or a signature on the pleadings, but as an active participant bringing value to the team. Participation is to whatever extent is necessary or requested.

When referred a party in multi-party litigation, the Kendall Law Group will zealously represent the referred client, while at the same time functioning as a value-added team player that can strategize and work the case toward a successful resolution for all concerned, consistent with the highest standards of legal ethics.

In the federal criminal arena, the lawyers at the Kendall Law Group include a former federal judge, prosecutor and member of the US Sentencing Commission; a former Assistant U.S. Attorney; a bilingual former federal public defender and former judicial law clerks. These individuals bring decades of actual courtroom civil and criminal experience to federal, trials, appeals, sentencing in criminal trials, investigations and special projects of any type. Our lawyers are admitted to state courts in California, Texas, and Louisiana. Additionally, our lawyers are admitted to all Texas federal courts, the District of Columbia, Southern District of California and the Southern District of Indiana. At the appellate level, Kendall Law Group lawyers are admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court, in addition to the Second, Fifth, Seventh, Ninth, and Federal Courts of Appeal. Without question, Kendall Law Group lawyers have the experience to take on any type of case anywhere in the nation.

Lawyers who refer a case to the Kendall Law Group can be confident that the conduct and work of this group of credentialed, experienced and service-oriented professionals will exhibit the utmost quality.

Kendall Law Group, PLLC pays referral fees and represents clients under contingent, flat-fee, hourly or blended fee arrangements with full disclosure to the client and consistent with applicable ethical rules.