About Us

At the Kendall Law Group we protect our clients from their adversaries, be they an individual, a corporation, or the government.  We protect shareholders and investors who are battling against companies that engage in securities fraud, unfair mergers, or a breaches of fiduciary duty.  We protect out-of-state litigants who find themselves in Texas state or federal courts.  We protect clients in healthcare litigation matters ranging from non-competes and business break-ups, to partnerships and peer review; from credentialing, to health care fraud claims and in investigations and actions by the state and federal agencies and law enforcement.

We make our living in the courtroom. While every case is different, we have recovered numerous significant settlements and jury verdicts for our clients. We are compassionate, understanding and responsive. We appreciate that while we are highly experienced, this may be your first.

Former Federal Judge Joe Kendall founded the Kendall Law Group in Dallas as a unique trial law firm taking cases and appeals throughout Texas and the nation. Our attorneys are known for their strength at the bench, before judges and juries.

Judge Kendall is joined by a former state and federal judge, former prosecutors, experienced former judicial law clerks, securities and business lawyers.